About Connie

We are a family based business in Austin, TX.  We also do business in the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio areas.
After gaining our master’s degrees in engineering, my husband and I both worked in the IT industry for many years. We have a son and a daughter we are very proud of. In 2008 we realized there were so many people that needed help with relief from their debts quickly. Many needed more reliable and creative ways to sell their homes quickly other than through a traditional agent. We started our business to offer quick cash to buy houses and provide creative solutions to help sellers avoid debt problems or foreclosure.
We have helped so many families over the years who have found us to be very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We were able to solve their problems in one way or another. We helped families who needed cash quickly for immediate problems, or urgent debt relief. We assisted with immediate needs that would not have been met through traditional sales.
We enjoy the opportunity to help people and provide the best service to our customers, by any means.